We are pleased to announce that we have appointed Schandy SA as TMCL agent in Uruguay. Please welcome with us Schandy SA to become part of the TMCL network and we believe that they will further strengthen our network. Please note the contact details as follows: Management Mrs. Mariné Arias: Marine.arias@schandy.com Sales Mrs. Catherine García: Catherine.garcia@schandy.com Mr. Juan Taborelli : Juan.taborelli@schandy.com Export/ Import Mrs. Carolina Pamparato: Carolina.pamparato@schandy.com salestmcl@schandy.com – sales operationstmcl@schandy.com– operations Schandy SA. Address: Rincón 500 – 3rd floor CP. 11000 – Montevideo – Uruguay Phone: 00 598 2917 2005 Fax: 00 598 2917 2008

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